My Bone Conduction Headphone 1.0

Since I started working on many bone conduction experiments and learning the details of the bone conduction, I have finally done my first prototype of the bone conduction headphone.

Struggling with Fusion 360

First thing I did was to make the box to cover the sensitive materials because the wires I soldered were really easy to torn. In order to make the box and fix that problems, I needed to study how to use a CAD called Fusion 360. In addition, what I wanted to output from my 3D printer was the top of the box and the body of the box, so it was really difficult to make these fit perfectly. After I failed it more than 10times, I finally could make these fit!!!

・Top of box


・Body of Box


Probably my 3d design is not good enough yet, but at least, it is ok because my objective which I want these to fit perfectly was accomplished.

My 3D printer, Da Vinci Jr 1.0w, worked perfectly like this picture below. Thanks.


Bone Conduction Headphone Prototype 1.0 is DONE!!!

After I made the box for my bone conduction headphone, I got my awesome dude.


Plus my bone conduction headphone,


equal this…


I feel like I should have made the flame of speakers and wires… But it will be next time!

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