My Bone Conduction Headphone 1.0 !!!

Since I started working on many bone conduction experiments and learning the details of the bone conduction, I have finally done my first prototype of the bone conduction headphone.

Struggling with Fusion 360

First thing I did was to make the box to cover the sensitive materials because the wires I soldered were really easy to torn. In order to make the box and fix that problems, I needed to study how to use a CAD called Fusion 360. In addition, what I wanted to output from my 3D printer was the top of the box and the body of the box, so it was really difficult to make these fit perfectly. After I failed it more than 10times, I finally could make these fit!!!

・Top of box


・Body of Box


Probably my 3d design is not good enough yet, but at least, it is ok because my objective which I want these to fit perfectly was accomplished.

My 3D printer, Da Vinci Jr 1.0w, worked perfectly like this picture below. Thanks.


Bone Conduction Headphone Prototype 1.0 is DONE!!!

After I made the box for my bone conduction headphone, I got my awesome dude.


Plus my bone conduction headphone,


equal this…


I feel like I should have made the flame of speakers and wires… But it will be next time!

What I will do to improve my prototype from now

・Design the better and more beautiful box, and design the flame for these two speakers.

・Design my own PCB layout to make the device lighter and smaller.

・Study deep learning (Maybe Tensorflow) to make something interesting happen.


The result of my bone conduction headphone 1.0

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