Bone Conduction Glasses 2.0 in Maker Faire Bay Area


Bone Conduction

After testing bone conduction headphone 1.0, I had an issue in which the device itself was not stable on the user’s head because of the shape that I designed in Fusion 360. However, I got a hint from one of my friends. Why do not you put your prototype onto glasses? I was shocked at I have not even thought of such a simple solution. After all, I started working on a new project called Bone Conduction Sunglasses 2.0. While I am soldering new things, one of my teachers of electrical engineering recommended I exhibit my prototype in Maker Faire Bay Area 2017.


I did not expect the prototype accepted, but I got accepted! Therefore, I would be able to introduce my prototype in public. Thank you to everyone involved in it, and Maker Faire!



There are two transducers that generate some vibrations based on the audio input from the 3.5mm headphone jack.


In Maker Faire

There was a fair for makers from May 19 to 21. I also exhibit my bone conduction sunglasses in my booth. I had a desktop to explain what bone conduction is and how it works with an image.


While I was exhibiting my prototype, I met 9 deaf people. These people gave me really good feedback after they tried. In addition, I got 10 times better results than I expected. Here is the result that I got through the Maker Faire. 8 of them could hear sounds through my device. One man who had an issue with Cochlea could not hear sounds. What I got from them is sounds through bone conduction were better than some hearing aids that they are using.


After all, I have come up with an idea for the next step. I might be able to exhibit the Bone Conduction 2.1 in the upcoming mini Maker Faire in San Jose. See you there!

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