How to Install OpenCV on M1 Mac using pip

Apple’s M1 chip is powered by Apple’s in-house developed chip, which has improved the processing speed compared to previous Macbook products. However, unlike previous models that had Intel chips, the M1 is Apple’s in-house developed chip, so there is a problem that unsupported libraries cannot be installed. Therefore, this article will show you how to…

Electrical Engineering

7th Order Butterworth Low Pass Filter

Introduction The purpose of this blog is to design an own filter with a specific cutoff frequency by choosing one of the filter types among Butterworth, Bessel, Cheby1, and Cheby2, Elliptical filter, and its order with ideal OPAMP. Also, the implementation of the filter is given by Direct Form 1(DF1), DF2, Parallel, and other implementations….


How to Calibrate a ZED Stereo Camera

All lens have some distortion no matter how big or small, so you should correct for lens distortion by calibrating a camera in terms of software. Especially, this technique is used for robotics and the distortion effects so much while a robot is mapping some obstacles using a camera as their eyes. Today, I am…