How to Calibrate a ZED Stereo Camera

All lens have some distortion no matter how big or small, so you should correct for lens distortion by calibrating a camera in terms of software. Especially, this technique is used for robotics and the distortion effects so much while a robot is mapping some obstacles using a camera as their eyes. Today, I am showing how to calibrate a ZED stereo camera for your project.

Environments & Equipments

I assume that you already have these environments and equipment to calibrate a ZED stereo camera. Please go to these links above, and set up correctly.

How to make a catkin workplace for ZED



Open another tab on terminal

For the calibration, I used calibration checkboard (6×4, square size 35mm). When you use another checkboard, you will just change the command after –size and –square.


Do NOT forget the command of

The driver does not support set_camera_info service. Without this command, you might have got this error message after rosrun.

There are active topics while roslaunch zed_wrapper zed.launch

Calibration Result


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