How to Create an Effective Header of the Website

Your website is basically the face of your business. If you have the website that does not look great for users, the users might lose the attention for your business even if you do a great business. Especially, the header of your website can be the most effective thing that the web developers should care about. Therefore, the more effective header the website has, the better interest the users might get. Personally, as a person who wants to be an IoT engineer, I thought that it was better to know how to create an effective header of a website by using HTML and CSS, so I want to share you about the very simple and effective header of the website.

  • The achievement

In this article, I will try to show you how to create a navigation bar on the main image and adjust the size of the image. (The original image size is 1920px * 1080px) Caution: Care about the copyright. I got this image from I highly recommend you to get some free images from there. You can also design the image that you want.


  • HTML Code

The HTML is the language which is used to create web pages. By adding tags and elements, something you added appears on the website. Basically, what you code in head tag is unable to see on the web. However, without coding them, your website might get bugs, can not get more traffics through the keywords, so on. In the body tag, you code something appeared on the website like a navigation bar, some links, some images, so on.


  • CSS Code

The CSS is the language that can control the layout and the styling of the web pages. Even though the way to code is totally different from HTML, CSS is very important to make up your website. Without CSS, your website might be looking like the lines of some text.

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